Jamilah Home Tonight

Jamilah home tonight , home tonight said that his Father virgin will be lost ! “Do so, huh ? He thought.
“Why daydreaming , neng ? Motorcycles , neng ! ” Handyman motorcycles offer
“No , bang ! My house is close . Woud You like to help me , bang ! ” Jamilah ask for
‘Help what, neng ? I am ready ! ” Answer a motorcycle
“Well , bang ! Said the father came home that night , virgin lost . Please check my virginity “
” Yes, neng ! Come neng to the corner there. Later I check up”
For a moment they both motorcycle taxi to the corner of the base which happens to have deserted .
“How , there is not virgin ?
” You are Still virgin , neng !I had been a check up ! “
Jamilah hurried home with happy hearts


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